November 15, 2017

Drops of 'Barry' Juice in the League

Barry Allen : " So what's your super power ?"
Bruce Wayne : "I'm rich."

Meet Barry, the Flash

2017 will last less than two months. And here I am, conflicting with my own self about many undefined things. I have a short range of temper, bad control of emotions, and yet very talkative. They're gifts, of course. So, what's this all about with Barry ?

When you have problems with yourself, you'll choose to face it or just running away. Me, running this time. With all the metabolic and chemical reactions inside my brain that are got siriusly out of control (hail progesterone!!) this past few weeks till now, I must seek remedies. Find something to keep me happy and not subconsciously hurting others. So I removed my 'to be read' pile of books and doing other things instead. Movie Marathon !!


JUSTICE LEAGUE is a kind of another superheroes movie made by DC, the main competitor of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, who released THOR : RAGNAROK recently. JUSTICE LEAGUE, lead by Bruce Wayne, BATMAN (Ben Affleck), a super rich but lonely guy who feels very responsible to postpone the doomsday. I dunno why Batman do this kind of things. He's hero. Or he just felt bored. Maybe. My simple problem is I haven't watch any DC's movies beside SUICIDE SQUAD ( saw it on Fox). I just knew there'll be Superman and Wonder Woman. Thanks to my nerd squads who watched this movie with me and gave me some quick explanations.

So, Mr.Batman had to put a super-team to prevent the end of the world. He reached to Diana, Wonder Woman, really she's a wonder. A goddess herself. A lady who'll make your eyes staring at her in admiration, in any gender of yours. In the previous movie, called BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (don't ask me why they were fighting for, childish reasons i think), Clark Kent is dead. And now an ugly alien (forgot his name) wanna take control of our blue planet. Batman needs help. He asks the Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa - our irreplaceable Khal Drogo), Barry Allen - the Flash (Ezra Miller), and a Cyborg-Man (sorry I forgot the actor's name).

Classic problem. They're arguing. They're saving the world. Happy ending.

The easter-eggs of this movie for me is Barry Allen. FYI, I didn't watch the series about this ultra speed guy. DC gave the work to Ezra Miller. Ezra, our Credence Barebone, is not in his gloomy-emo mode, not in Obscurial's way (I'm a hardcore Potterhead, better watch FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM if you find this intriguing). He's genuinely a cinnamon roll. Lovely boy, reminds me of his cheerful personality in PERKS OF BEING WALLFLOWER. This Barry, steals me. Not too much, but sweet in tolerable way. The heart got a soft sense of warmth when saw his attitude, or his quirks, jokes, and doings.

JUSTICE LEAGUE brought Clark Kent back to life. I don't really care (although Henry Cavill - the actor showed some 9-pack abs), honestly. 'Cause I thought that Superman couldn't stand the idea of not showing off in this league. So there he is. the Almighty Kryptonian. Alongside him, Barry is kinda helpful in his own way. He's not a fighter, he's a thinker. And he did his job in his weird way. And it worked out best.

This two hours movie gave me a better entertainment than THOR (sorry Marvel). The actions, the 'not too much' humors, and of course Barry Allen won me. I'm not a superhero-addict, just saw the movies if I like the actors, but this JUSTICE LEAGUE got my smile. Love the 'Barry's essence', soundtracks, and the 'sense' (dunno how to explain it). Well, you better watch it yourself. A nice entertainment. Maybe you could resist these men, but Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot are just too dazzling and mesmerizing. You don't wanna let them playing good without watching their actions on screen.

My other thought is : I choose Bruce Wayne than Tony Stark. They're both extremely wealth, but Bruce has style. Not in nauseating way like Stark did (sorry again Marvel). He's human, he's fragile, but he admitted his own false and facing them with pride.

So, will you watch JUSTICE LEAGUE ?

forgot Clark Kent, ah nevermind

It's not a must, but for a fascinating movie, you'll not waste your time by watching the league. There's Barry. We love Barry. ^^

And now I'll back to my postponed self-destruction mode, collecting piece by piece. Need a vacation, soon. And it will come very soon. Can't wait. Bye fellas..!!

" I'm dealing with kids"
- Wonder Woman -

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